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  1. Yes she is cute..! Here we can't have silencers..
  2. Oil filter silencer vs bottle silencer..!! What is better..??
  3. Airgun bullets..!! Worth it..??
  4. Hahahaha..!! Hi my friend..!!
  5. Hahahaha..!! Hi my friend..!!
  6. Tree vs slugs..!! Who wins..??
  7. Hahahahahahaha...!!
  8. Can a lighter save your life..??
  9. Water balloon silencer..!! It works..??
  10. Yes i did that..!!
  11. Hi..!! These are for people that killed at that spot by car accident...
  12. Can bullets ignite gasoline..??
  13. Hahahaha...good idea my friend..!!
  14. Yes but I don't have the money now...