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  1. Water balloon silencer..!! It works..??
  2. Yes i did that..!!
  3. Hi..!! These are for people that killed at that spot by car accident...
  4. Can bullets ignite gasoline..??
  5. Hahahaha...good idea my friend..!!
  6. Yes but I don't have the money now...
  7. Hahahaha...i would love to come and hunt with the rifles you have there..!!
  8. Exactly my friend...
  9. With shotguns...
  10. Unfortunately here we can't have rifles..only shotguns..thank you my friend..!!!
  11. Hi..! I wanted to see if the locks can stand against a 12g slug...thank you..!!
  12. Hello my friend..i love my life..the second lock was very strong..!! Thank you..!!
  13. can a 12g slug bust open a lock..??
  14. Hahahaha...yes this is very strong car..!!
  15. Will a 25 cal airgun pellet go through a car door..??