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  1. Thank you my friend..!
  2. Make your own subsonic slugs..!!
  3. Is water bulletproof..??
  4. homemade rubber slug..!!
  5. Hahahahaha.! Not exactly..i was waiting to come , it was coming everynight...so...!
  6. Hi my friends..! I know that the 12g shotgun is more powerful than my airgun but with that airgun i have killed a wild boar at 25m...shot between the eys...thank you..!
  7. How much energy can kill a pig..??
  8. Chrono the fx indy bullpup 25 cal..!!
  9. hahahahaha..!! someone got to be copycat...
  10. i filmed this video before that video my friend...but i upload it now...
  11. airgun pellets buckshots..!!
  12. hahahahaha..! yes and worked..!!
  13. 12g bang stick..!!
  14. Rubber buckshots..! It works..??
  15. Yukon photon xt night vision scope..!!