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Norwegisches Parlament will Halbautomaten verbieten

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FB Fund, poste es mal hier:

The Norwegian Government wants to ban semi-automatics from civilian use.
The government now proposes to ban semi-automatic rifles of the kind used by the police and the Armed Forces.
"The prohibition will also apply to those who have already been granted permission to own such weapons. The bill was presented by Justice Minister Per Willy Amundsen (Frp) on Friday. Prime Minister Erna Solberg tells VG that there are weapons with large magazines and big firepower that is now going out of civilian hands.
"As a hunter, you do not need more than five shots. Then there will be a small group that is allowed to acquire such weapons, and there will be elite shooters at the international level using such weapons in competition," said Solberg.

Exception for professionals
Exceptions are made to some collectors and some athletes.
"But you're going to be a pretty good shooter and very active before you get it," she explains.
Solberg adds that they were important to ban the weapon used to do so much on July 22nd.
"We saw July 22 how fast you can shoot many and how difficult it is to get away when someone can shoot with 25 shots. To me, it's an argument for why this type should not be allowed, she says.

Direct line between police and defense
The government has also issued a new aid instruction in the State Council on Friday. It cuts the levels between police and the Armed Forces significantly when the police need the latter's resources. Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) says that the police will still have command of all actions, including maritime counter-terrorism in peace times.

Background: July 22, the Commission's conclusion in 2012
She says the police can now contact the Armed Forces directly without any political leadership. But both the defense minister and the justice minister will have a "red card" and can refuse assistance in very special situations.
After 22 July 2011, the Stoltenberg government decided to stop new permits to buy semi-automatic rifles , but in 2012 it was again possible to apply for a gunpermit."

=> If you need to be part of the elite to get a gunpermit, this will be the end of IPSC in Norway, as no new shooters will be able to have it.


hier für diejenigen welche der Sprache des Nordens mächtig sind.

Blaupause für die nach 24.09 Ära???;)


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Das ist sehr bedenklich, weil der Justizminister einer Partei angehört, die politisch zwischen der CSU und der AfD steht.

Die Ministerpräsideuse ist in einer Partei, ähnlich der CDU.

Das Irre an der Sache ist, daß die dortigen Sozen gar keine so extreme Verschärfung anstreben.

Verkehrte, verrückte Welt!!!  :dr:





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Mal wieder Politiker, die Ursache und Wirkung verwechseln. Wenn ich jemand den Besen wegnehme, kann er keinen Staub mehr aufwirbeln. Aber der Dreck bleibt.



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