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The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) und Blei Munition

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Unsere tschechischen Freunde haben den letzten Report von ECHA analysiert und ihre Analyse auf Englisch geschrieben.


you probably did notice a report of the European Chemical Agency that recommends total ban on lead-based ammunition: https://echa.europa.eu/cs/-/echa-identifies-risks-to-terrestrial-environment-from-lead-ammunition

We examined the report thoroughly, including its cited sources, and found that report omitted and misinterpreted many important information stated in cited sources. We assembled an analysis accomodating most report's faults, with links to studies that prove it. We believe that such proof might be very useful in attempt to block this disproportionate restriction, so we send it to you to use as you see fit. We already sent it to Czech MPs and MEPs.

Könnte vielleicht auch in D nützlich sein.

EN_Analysis of ECHA report to ban lead ammo by LEX final.pdf

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