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Fakten zur Waffendebatte


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Nach jeder Schießerei werden emotionale Grundsatz-Debatten über Waffenbesitz geführt. Vor allem die USA gelten somit als Begünstiger von Todesfällen durch Schusswaffen. Es gibt jedoch keinerlei Beweise dafür, dass Waffen als solche die Todesrate erhöhen.


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Analyse der Gewalttaten mit Waffen in Ohio, vor und nach dem Einführen von Constitutional Carry:



In the year following the new law, the report showed crimes involving guns dropped across Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Parma and Canton. It also fell individually in six of the eight cities.

Only Cincinnati and Dayton showed an increase of 5% and 6%, respectively.

Last year, according to Yost, mayors of several of the state’s large cities blamed local crime on the law change, which led to the study.

“I genuinely did not know what the study would find,” Yost said. “I thought it would be useful either way.”

Researchers looked at data from June 2021 to June 2023, focusing on crimes involving firearms, verified gunshot detection alerts and how many officers were struck by gunfire.

Gun crime fell the most in Parma by 22%, followed by Akron and Toledo, which had 18% decreases. Columbus gun crimes fell from 10.79 per 1,000 crime incidents to 9.55, while Cleveland’s dropped from 10.16 to 9.58. Canton’s rate fell from 12.67 to 11.98.


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