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Einfach nur Waffenbilder und so...


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Um Wirkung zu erzielem, müßte er die feindliche Formation in nicht mehr als 300m Höhe überfliegen. In den Wirkungsbereich wie vieler .50MGs einer B-17 käme er da? 

Und so ein .50er Zwillingsturm läßt ordentlich was raus.

BTW schon bei normale Gewehrkalibern wie 7,92 oder .303 wurde im Jägereinsatz die mangelnde Wirksamkeit gegenüber Bombern kritisiert.

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Das haben sie von den Inselaffen übernommen.

Prominenteste "Geiseln", bei solchen Drills waren bisher der jetzige König, seine Ex, die Prinzen und die Premierministerin Thatcher.

Zu Letzterer gibt es eine Anektote:


Training exercises are always conducted using live ammo and the SAS is so confident in the skill of it’s operatives that during hostage rescue scenarios, they invite visiting VIPs to assume the role of a hostage in exercises. The idea being that the VIP gets to experience first hand why the SAS earned its reputation as a bunch of cast-iron solid testicle owning motherfuckers.

It was one of these hostage rescue scenarios that the late Margaret Thatcher was asked to take part some time in the 80’s . While other VIPs and dignitaries visiting the SAS have only begrudgingly accepted this offer, the Iron Lady apparently jumped at the chance and insisted on being the hostage. Her bodyguard, apparently some douche called, George advised against this, prompting an annoyed Thatcher to suggest that if he was so worried about her safety around the most elite fighting force the country she ran had at its disposal, he should accompany her.

So a few minutes later Thatcher and her sheepish bodyguard were huddled into a room, sat at a table flanked by cardboard targets and were then left there in total darkness. A few minutes later an SAS operative kicked down the door, hurled a flashbang grenade through the hole, fired two rounds into every target and then hit the lights. When the smoke cleared the SAS operatives gathered were stunned to see Thatcher sat at total ease absentmindedly resting her hands on the table beside her purse. George on the other hand had responded to the hail of bullets by leaping under the table and cowering in a puddle of his fear urine. Prompting an irate Thatcher to, according to the SAS, say “Get up George, you’re embarrassing me.”


The British Falkland Islands & British Military - That Time ...

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