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Eine Email aus Australien

Impulse Austria

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es ist keine frohe Botschaft.. es ist ein Alarmsignal.

Nur Zusammenhalt kann uns vor derartigem bewahren:


thanks for getting back to me. As with all things here in this so called free country ( Australia ). Our Federal Government passed law here on Thursday Night19 .12.2002 Banning the import of all firearms or parts that are 100mm or less for revolver and 120 mm or less for semi-autos. This so-called free peoples government ( via the customs import regulations ) have also banned the import of magazines that are more than 10 shot and all handguns more than .38 cal.

I am not sure where this will go. We have shooting parties etc. in Australia but I think they are not that helpful. There is a belief that some matches will be allowed ( eg. IPSC, NRA, Police and Service, Steel Plate etc. ). The pistols and revolvers used in these matches are outside the new rules. The state governments have not yet passed these new laws, so we can hold our guns till mid- June we hope. This will give us time to try and sort stuff out.

What does this mean for you as an exporter.

1. All my imports would be held in federal customs for testing by federal police.

2. All imported items that fell outside the new import laws would be held and seized till laws where passed by state governments. If they ever do that is.

So Carmen, Did I leave it to late. No! there was no time to act. What can we do, I am trying very hard to find a way to be able to use your barrels. Me as a free human being hate and de-test the one sided actions of a few miss-guided leaders in government.

I really believe that this is the start of the war to dis-arm the world. I for one will do what ever it takes to slow this process down.



two sites that have some info.

Not to worry, we can always use our handbags in defence.

Will email you again soon.

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schlimm, was da zu Weihnachten passiert ist.

Es sollte uns noch mehr fordern, daß dies hier nicht so weit kommt.

Wir müssen vereins-, foren-, und verbandsübergreifend mehr Zusammenhalt zeigen, und das ist wahrlich nicht einfach, aber notwendig.

PS: am 30.12.02 in Spiegel-TV auf SAT1 wird über die Tat von Erfurt berichtet, ich schau es mir mal an.

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