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IPSC droht in Dänemark Verbot


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ohne weiteren Kommentar; Quelle: IPSC.org, Global Village

Yesterday, 12:40 pm

IPSC in Denmark – International Brainstorm.

My name is Ralf K. Jensen, I’m an active IPSC-shooter on the STI Euroteam and also part of the Danish Sportshooters Foundation (DSF) “taskforce”, which will fight the efforts by the Danish Justice Department (JD) and Danish Police (DP) to ban IPSC in Denmark. As a result of a brainstorming meeting in the “taskforce”, we have several possible strategies on how to fight the authorities, but would like to extend the brainstorming internationally. The more brains, the better the brainstorm…

I know other countries have faced similar difficulties and overcome them. So IF you have detailed knowledge on how you prevailed in your country – I’d really appreciate your input. In order to give a qualified answer, of course you need to know more about the situation we face in DK, so here goes:

Status in DK

In spite of a 30 year old, perfect safety record in DK and in spite of JDÂ’s own expert telling them IPSC is as safe (or safer) as any other shooting sport in Denmark, the JD and DP has ruled that IPSC is considered too dangerous. So far, the authorities refuse to state on what grounds they base their conclusions.

DSF have been given until February 1st. to withdraw IPSC voluntarily as a shooting discipline, and if not, a legislative ban will passed.

Some people think, that if we remove drawing and moving with a loaded weapon from the discipline, authorities might not ban IPSC. However we don’t know that for sure, and without those two elements, we’re left with an amputated version of IPSC – and personally I feel that if we are forced to shoot this “DK-version” of IPSC, then what’s the point?

What I need from you:

1) If you have faced similar adversities in your country, what was your strategy

2) What were the lessons learned (what to do/not to do)

3) Any QUALIFIED suggestions on how to proceed

DonÂ’t get me wrong: Expressions of sympathy from fellow shooters are always nice, and I know you wish us all the best. But since time is pressing a solution oriented approach from people who have been in the same situation would help us best.

Thanks in advance for your help.

DVC & best regards,

Ralf K. Jensen

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Seit 30 Jahren der nachweislich sicherste Schießsport in Dänemark, soll IPSC auf Wunsch des Dänischen Justizministeriums und der Dänischen Polizei als "zu gefährlich" verboten werden.

Es werden nun international Ideen gesucht, wie man dem begegnen kann:

Was ich benötige von Ihnen:

1), wenn Sie ähnliche Probleme in Ihrem Land sehen, was war Ihre Strategie dagegen?

2) Was haben Sie dabei gelernt (was/nicht zu tun ist, um...)

3) irgendwelche qualifizierten Vorschläge zu tun darüber, wie hier fortzufahren ist

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